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Traffic & DUI

Protecting Your Rights, Your Interests, and Your Future

At the Law Office of Pedersen & Irvin we work to protect the rights, interests, and futures of our clients.

The principal of our firm, Brittany Pedersen has worked as a lawyer for 15 years in the areas of criminal defense, family law, business law, and personal injury. The legal team she leads is dedicated to getting results and helping clients overcome difficult problems.


Our practice encompasses these areas:  


Traffic DUI and Driver's License Reinstatement


Know the DUI Laws

Many individuals who are arrested for DUI must make a lot of hard decisions while under stress. Most do not understand the rules for taking or not taking, a field sobriety test, a Breathalyzer test or speaking with police officers. We all have the right to refuse a Breathalyzer test.  However, most people do not know that if you refuse a Breathalyzer test it results in an automatic 1 year suspension of your driver privileges (3 years on your second arrest or more.) Further, if you take a Breathalyzer test and the results are .08 or above blood alcohol content your driving privileges get suspended for 6-months (1 year on your second arrest of more). By the time most individuals call a DUI lawyer, they have already been charged with DUI and significant damage has been done.


Calling a lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest is the best way to mitigate and begin fixing that damage.


DUI Lawyer

The best hope for them is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who can mitigate the consequences. The attorneys at Pedersen & Irvin law have helped clients overcome the worst effects of a drunk driving arrest. As a skilled DUI lawyer, we understand how to obtain a dismissal of the charges or a not guilty verdict when possible. When it is not, we know how to negotiate with the State's Attorney to minimize the negative consequences for the client. We serve as diligent DUI attorneys in Cook, Dupage, Kane, Dekalb, Kendall and Will counties.


Two Proceedings, Two Outcomes

A DUI arrest triggers two legal proceedings, a criminal procedure that can lead to conviction, a fine, and a jail sentence, as well as an administrative procedure that can result in suspension of the person's driver's license. These two proceedings are part of the same drunk driving incident, but they are very different matters.


Brittany Pedersen will handle all areas of a DUI defense, from getting a temporary permit to drive and litigating statutory summary suspensions of drivers' licenses in the administrative procedure, to forensic investigations and arguing motions to suppress evidence in a DUI trial. When it appears that the State's case is flawed, Attorney Pedersen will work to obtain a not guilty verdict at trial or an outright dismissal of the charges. If the State's case is strong, he can seek to reduce the penalties, possibly by securing your participation in a treatment or diversion program so that you can put the event behind you and go on with your life.


After a conviction and the loss of a driver's license, the Law Office Pedersen & Irvin can work to obtain a reinstatement of your driving privileges.


A violation of Illinois drunk driving laws can result in serious consequences. Whether this is your first DUI arrest, or you are a repeat DUI offender, our firm will work to obtain the best outcome possible.

Traffic Violations

Geneva, Illinois, Traffic Violations Lawyer

A traffic violation or speeding ticket can have serious consequences. If you are over 21 and have three convictions within a year, or if you are under 21 and have two convictions in the same period, your driver's license will be suspended. If you are convicted of speeding 40 or more miles over the limit, your license will suspended.

Needless to say, if your driver's license is suspended it can severely affect your ability to earn a living.


At the Law Office Pedersen & Irvin we help clients successfully deal with multiple speeding tickets and other traffic violations. Our firm represents clients who have been accused of all types of moving traffic violations, including:

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving and careless driving

  • Driving without a license

  • Driving while suspended

  • Driving without insurance


  • Road rage

  • And others

Keeping You on the Road

Our primary objective in these cases is to protect your driver's license and keep you on the road. Successful speeding ticket defense is possible, and when there are good reasons to challenge the stop we can work to obtain a dismissal of the charge or a not guilty verdict in a trial. Most cases however, involve negotiation with the State's Attorney to obtain a better result, in exchange for action on the client's part. This can include attendance at a safe driver school or other diversion program.


If your license has been suspended, we can seek temporary driving privileges for you, or if you meet certain conditions, full driver's license reinstatement.


For a consultation with a speeding ticket defense attorney at the Law Office Pedersen & Irvin
call (630) 906-5571 or email us.

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